Exploring An Ancient Faith

Nothing immerses you into the Biblical narrative like being able to visit an ancient site and see the context of a story unfold before your eyes.  From walking the streets to standing in an ancient theater to getting a lay of the land, words and phrases from scripture begin to take on new life.  The Explore pages are meant to give you a small taste of that experience.  Of course, it isn’t quite the same as actually visiting these sites, but many may not have the opportunity to take such a trip (and it is much cheaper).  So choose your site and begin exploring!


The history section will provide a brief chronicle of the city’s foundation and significance.  What historical figures and events help shape the city’s culture and status in the ancient world? 

In The Bible

Pull out your Bible and read about the stories that took place in each location.

Photo Tour

Explore some of the major landmarks and significant sites that help bring the scriptures to life.

Trip Journal

Read personal insights from exploring each site and enjoy some of the recollections of being a traveler and a tourist.


Video clips of noteworthy moments and insights at some of the sites.

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