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The Focus Of Navigating An Ancient Faith
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We want this to be a place – a resource center – for those who share a similar interest in the context of Scripture and walking the journey toward spiritual transformation. All the content will focus around exploring the original context of scripture (ancient faith) and thus a correct application of how we live it out in today’s world (navigating the journey).

If You Are More Visual, This Diagram Maps Out The Journey.

– Meet Our Contributors –

David Gwartney

David has traveled to biblical sites in Egypt, Israel, Jordan, Greece, and Turkey, gaining an understanding of places that bring scripture to life. He grew up in Tallahassee, Florida and met his wife, Tiffany, in Orlando, Florida, while earning his first master’s degree in Business Administration. He spent the next thirteen years living in Chicago, Illinois. While in Chicago, he earned his Master of Divinity from Trinity Evangelical Divinity School, studying both Greek and Hebrew languages. He then planted a church in the Wrigleyville neighborhood of the city, where he pastored for seven years. His travels and studies have led to three books exploring the Greco-Roman context of Paul’s letters to Philippi (A Journey Through Philippi), Ephesus (A Journey Through Ephesus), and Colossae (A Journey Through Colossae). He currently resides in St. Petersburg, Florida and works as a Business Analyst, but is always planning his next adventure to ancient sites.

J.R. Gwartney

J.R. is a Tallahassee native living in Jackson Tennessee. He is an engineer at AT&T and leads a college ministry at West Jackson Baptist Church where he enjoys teaching and mentoring young people at a critical crossroad in their lives. He enjoys traveling and has been to numerous ancient sites in Egypt, Israel, Greece and Turkey.

“I’ve always been fascinated by how things work – how they’re put together. When standing on the cobblestone streets of Ephesus or crawling through a cave church in Cappadocia, I gain a deeper understanding of how their world was put together through their religions, customs, and culture.”

J.R. is happily married with 2 grown children and an avid woodworker.

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